Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboard

Getting all keys to work.
What we need:
Install xbindkeys with Sourcery or slapt-src.

Create a file named .xbindkeysrc in your home directory:
touch ~/.xbindkeysrc

Now you can edit ~/.xbindkeysrc to set keybindings
Run the following in a terminal:
xbindkeys -k
Cherry CyMotion Master Linux
A blank window will pop up. Press the key(s) to which you wish to assign a command and xbindkeys will output a handy snippet that can be entered into ~/.xbindkeysrc

while the blank window is open, press the key which you wish to assign a command (Decrease volume).

The following is displayed:
"(Scheme function)"
m:0x10 + c:122
Mod2 + XF86AudioLowerVolume

copy the three lines to ~/.xbindkeysrc and replace "(Scheme function)" with the command you wish to perform.
In the above example "amixer sset Master 2- unmute"
"amixer sset Master 2- unmute"
m:0x10 + c:122
Mod2 + XF86AudioLowerVolume

Once you're done configuring your keys create a autostart of xbindkeys.
If you are running XFCE start xfce4-session-settings and under autostart add xbindkeys.
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