Thunar Custom Actions

Thunar has somthing called Custom Actions, here are some i use in Salix OS. Under Imageing you find the Custom Actions related to imaging. (changed: 14-Jan-2012)
Under Music and Video you find the Custom Actions related to music and video. (changed: 15-Jan-2012)
Under File Management you find the Custom Actions related to file management. (changed: 21-Jan-2012)
Under root you find Custom Actions that require root privileges. (changed: 6-Jan-2012)
Most of the Thunar Custom Actions and script have i found on the internet.
The script have i modified to suit my need, and made it translatable.

How to create a new Thunar Custom Actions

Click Edit in Thunar
Click Configure custom actions.
Thunar Custom Actions Add
Custom Actions
Click the plus button to the left.
Thunar Custom Actions New
Enter the name (eg convert png to jpg).
Type in a description (eg convert png to jpg).
Enter the command (eg convert %f -quality 75 `basename %f .png`.jpg).
Select an appropriate icon (eg gnome-mime-image).

Go to the Appearance Conditions
Thunar Custom Actions Basic
Appearance Conditions
In the file pattern (eg *.png).
Select Image Files
Click on OK
Thunar Custom Actions Basic
Custom Actions
Click Close.
Thunar Custom Actions New
Right click on a picture
Now you can use your new Custom Action.
Thunar Custom Actions right click
Changed: 14-Jan-2012


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